Brewing Sake

All of our sake are authentic junmai
Made by hand, and according to tradition.

At Izumibashi, we make only authentic junmai sake using our own rice.
We use generations-old method based in tradition to bring natural flavors to you.

Our proprietary junmai,
made with each individual rice field’s unique properties in mind

We mill our rice in-house in order to cater to different characteristics of rice grown in different fields. 90% of that rice is harvested from local fields. We work together with local farmers, achieving a deep understanding of each field’s soil characteristics, the unique properties of the rice and, of course, each farmer’s unique personality!

We manage our sake rice by each individual field and strictly inspect the milled grains.

Making Koji with Kojibuta

At Izumibashi, we use a tool called a kojibuta to make our koji. This traditional sake brewing tool requires a full three times the work of modern methods! But, it allows for the careful control of water volume and temperature, ensuring the utmost quality.
We produce our koji carefully, in small batches - each finely tuned to the special characteristics of the individual producer’s sake rice.

Harnessing Nature
with Kimoto-zukuri

Half of Izumibashi’s production volume is made using kimoto-zukuri techniques. This deeply traditional method, using naturally occurring lactic acids, produces a profound flavor profile.

Izumibashi grows its own rice and is engaged in environmental protection efforts; that’s why we pride ourselves on the natural kimoto-zukuri method.