Sake starts with riceSake starts with rice

At Izumibashi, we cultivate
our own ingredients to ensure consistent quality

In pursuit of our belief that “Sake Starts with Rice,” we grow and har-vest our own sake rice in nearby fields. With an agricultural approach that works in harmony with the natural environment around us, we aim to create a thriving community for future generations.

  • Products


    From vibrant, umami-rich sake that elevates the flavors of dishes, to plum wine and liqueuers, miso, soy and more. See what we’re selling!

  • Cultivation


    At Izumibashi, we make only authentic junmai sake using our own rice. We use generations-old method based in tradition to bring natural flavors to you.

  • History


    Izumibashi Sake Brewery was founded in 1857, during Japan's Edo era. Nestled in the heart of the Ebina heartland, Izumibashi has long taken advantage of the area's natural bounty, from abundant land for rice growing to the natural waterflow from Mt. Tanazawa.


Our Restaurant
Kuramoto Kakō

A place to enjoy Izumibashi to the fullest, where we’re serving food courses made with local ingredients!
We hope you enjoy our seasonal vegetables grown by local farmers, fresh seafood straight from Sagami Bay and beef from cattle raised right here on local farms.

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Our RestaurantKuramoto KakōOur RestaurantKuramoto Kakō

Brewery and Sampling Tours

We offer regular tours of our brewery and surrounding cultivation fields.

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