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Visit to Australian Sake Brewery

June 24, 2015, I went to Sun Masamune sake brewery which is only one sake-maker in Australia. The brewery is very big company. Since I am interested in sake maker overseas, fortunately I could meet CEO and hear his story. He says that It have been a tough work to continue making-sake alone in Australia.
For example, when a machine made in Japan get out of order, if the case is in Japan, you can ask a maintenance staff quickly. But if in Australia, you cannot. For example, Japanese people cannot image frequent poor harvests of wheat or rice in Australia. 
For about 1500 Japanese sake-makers, it is very dependable that various industrial infrastructures have existed historically at home.


When you visit Australia(豪), please enjoy GO-SHU(豪酒)!
Off course, I bought same Go-SHU, Australian Sake .


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