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President’s Message

Welcome to our Cultivation Brewery: Izumibashi!
Sake starts with rice.With our firm belief that “sake starts with rice,” we at Izumibashi Sake Brewery are one of the rare “cultivation breweries” in Japan, working in and around Ebina City, where we grow and cultivate sake rice ourselves.We make our sake from the blessings of the sun and the earth, carefully cultivating sake rice you can trust. We strive for sake that feels good, surrounded by friends who come to Izumibashi to fill cups and commeriserate.
Another feature of our brewery is its location near the global metropolis of Tokyo. Here, we are the nearest cultivation brewery to the Capital, where luscious mountains, rivers and sky bless us, and our consumers, with a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. At our table (our in-house restaurant), guests can enjoy food and sake from local ingredients for our taste of our local culture, and Japan. We believe this is one of our calling.
We hope to see you at Izumibashi!

President of Izumibashi Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Sixth Master Brewer, Yuichi Hashiba

Company Profile

  • Company Name

    Izumibashi Shuzo Co., Ltd.
  • Founded


  • Flagship

    Izumibashi、 Tonbo Label

  • Address

    5 Chome-5-1 ShimoimaizumiEbina-shi, Kanagawa-ken 243-0435

  • Phone

    TEL +81+46-231-1338 FAX +81+46-233-1452

  • E-mail

  • Representative

    Yuichi Hashiba (6th Master Brewer)

  • Employees


  • Primary Activities

    Sake rice cultivation, in-house rice milling, in-house koji manufacturing, small-batch, all sake is fune pressed (pressure harvested) , traditional yeast mash

  • Sake Water Source

    Groundwater from Mt. Tanzawasan

  • Ingredient Rice Source

    90% of raw rice is cultivated in-house or contracted

  • Business

    Manufacture and sales of sake, liqueur, koji miso, sake rice, soy sauce, food and drink service, agriculture (rice paddies)


By train

20-25-minute walk from Ebina Station, via Odakyu, Sagami and JR Lines, or 5 minutes by taxi (Ebina Station East Exit)

By car

Past the Ebina Junction via the Tokyo-Nagoya Highway, about 10 minutes from Ebina Interchange exit. 150 m Northeast of the Shimo-Imaizumi intersection on National Route 246.

By bus

Departing from JR Ebina Station West Exit (Buses bound for Aikawa Bus Center via Nairiku Industrial Park. 5-minute walk from the Imaizumi bus stop.)