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An introduction video of Izumibashi Sake Brewery’s garden is now available!

We have created a video that conveys the image of the new terrace of Izumibashi Sake Brewery, which was completed in October 2020.

The creators are as follows.

We would be grateful if you could make an order for architectural design or video recording.

泉橋酒造 酒友館 照らす席5 泉橋酒造 酒友館 泉橋酒造 酒友館 照らす席21

★「Architect / designer : Mr.Tejima Nobuyuki T.N.Design 」


★【Video creator Mr.YOTA NARUSE】



①Short version(60seconds)


②Long version(150seconds)

that’s all. See below for more information on terrace seats.


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