Sake brewery shop – “Shuyu-Kan”

You can taste and purchase our sake and liqueur at Shuyu-Kan located inside Izumibashi brewery. Shuyu-Kan makes you feel calm as the inside is so quiet and maintained at comfortable temperature (winter is warm and summer is cool) as this building is reformed from old rice granary built in Edo era (1603-1868) and the wall of the building is made with thick clay and finished with plaster. You may meet your favorite sake over there. Shuyu-Kan is interaction place not only for our customers but also for rice production farmers and sake retailers. Shuyu-Kan is named after the founder’s name of Izumibashi. Close on Sunday and public holiday.

Izumibashi brewery from rice fields

Fun straw man

Enjoy sake together with the country view

Izumibashi is located in the rice fields called Ebinako-chi. You can walk around the rice fields behind our brewery and enjoy the view of each season such as various plants, flowers, dragonflies, other insects and etc. Also, you can see “Yamadanishiki” and “Omachi” fields to be used for brewing sake after harvest.

Counter table for tasting

You may meet your favorite sake by tasting

Appearance of Shuyu-Kan

Tasting & Shopping

You can enjoy tasting and shopping from 10am to 6pm at Shuyu-Kan. Please visit with your family or friends. No reservation is required. Please enjoy walking around rice fields behind our brewery together with Shuyu-Kan.

You can taste several types of sake, plum liqueur, Strawberry liqueur, and miso brewed at our brewery. Also, you can shop our original goods.

Yamahai Junmai daiginjo 720ml

Izumibashi original sake bottle

Junmai Tonbo (dragonfly) label

Business day/ holiday

<Business day/ hours> Mon to Sat from 10am to 6pm

<Holiday>Sunday/ public holiday/ Bon holiday/ Year-end and New Year holidays  *Shuyu-Kan is open all day in December except for 12/31*Shuyu-Kan is open all day in December except for 12/31

<Address> 5-5-1 Shimoimaizumi Ebina-city, Kanagawa, Japan 243-0435



<Parking> 6 cars, No parking for large tourist bus

<Access from Station> From Ebina station (Odakyu line, Sotetsu line and JR line) 25 min. by walk and 5 min. by taxi

<Access by car> 10 min. from Ebina interchange exit. 150 meters from Shimoimaizumi bypass on Route 246

Access map