Selected rice by sake maker “Ebina Nishiki

Izumibashi have grown sake rice together with Sagami Sake Rice Association since 1997. From 2003, member farmers of the association officially started growing eating rice.

Please try selected rice by sake maker “Ebina Nishiki” as we pursue the same quality for sake rice.【Limited Production】

100% grown in Ebina.

  • Ebina NishikiKoshihikari】5 Kg  2,572 yen + tax

Sagami Sake Rice Association

Sagami Sake Rice Association is the group of rice farmers grown sake rice for Izumibashi and this action was commended at Japan Agriculture award as the representative of Kanagawa in 2005. Producers for Ebina Nishiki are as following; “Kinuhikari” Kamimori san (Oya Ebina-city) and “Koshihikari” Takei san (Hongo Ebina-city) & Inami san (Shimoimaizumi Ebina-city).

*In July 2010, all the member farmers in Sagami Sake Rice Association are certified as Eco farmers by Kanagawa prefectural government. Eco farmers are leading the eco-friendly farming such as making health soil, reducing the usage of chemical fertilizer and agrichemicals and sustaining the beautiful agricultural environment.

You can purchase Ebina Nishiki at “Shuyu-Kan Online Shop” or Shuyu-Kan.