Original sake container

Tonbo Kan Tokkuri (bottle for warming sake)

One of the characteristics of sake is the enhancement of its flavor when it is warmed. We call warm sake as “Kan-shu” and the improvement of taste by warming as “Kan Agari”.

We feel more alcoholic stimulus on our tongue with Kan-shu than cold sake. So we tend to drink Kan-shu relatively slowly and get tipsy in a calm manner. Also, get our body warm quickly and enhance the activity of our stomach.

You would warm sake with “Kan Tokkuri” to make your table more enjoyable with your precious people. This extra process would be considered as the “Omotenashi (the beautiful heart of Japanese hospitality)”.

  • Tonbo Kan Tokkuri 360 ml bottle 1,700 yen + tax
  • Tonbo Kan Tokkuri  180 ml bottle  1,500 yen + tax

*Fill hot water in the outer bottle and fill sake in the inner bottle. Also hold a handle to prevent your fingers from scalding.

Tonbo Tokkuri・Sakazuki (small sake cup)

Kan-shu (warm sake) will awake the components of flavors such as amino, succinic and lactic acid and you would enjoy more tastes like umami, sweetness, acid from sake.

These rich flavors from Kan-shu will bring out the excellence of your dishes by drinking during the meals.

  • Tonbo Tokkuri Large (one bottle) 800 yen + tax
  • Tonbo Tokkuri Small (one bottle)  600 yen + tax
  • Tonbo Sakazuki (one piece)  333 yen + tax

You can purchase at the “Shuyu-Kan Online Shop” .