Izumibashi Brewery Experience

Izumibashi Brewery Experience:

Basic Sake Lecture, Guided Tasting with Light Refreshment Course


We welcome guests to join us for a guided sake brewery experience by Izumibashi brewery team members during predetermined, scheduled open brewery tour dates.

Our brewery experiences are conducted for a modest charge as we prepare light refreshments for you to enjoy during a courtesy tasting of our specially selected seasonal sake releases.

During the visit, guests will take a short walk around the surrounding fields where we grow our own rice for brewing Izumibashi Sake.

During this time we will help you understand how we grow and harvest sake rice varieties, as well as, how they are used in brewing different styles of sake.

Upon returning to the brewing facility grounds, we will step inside the main brewery building and explain the details of the sake brewing process. Once the hands on lecture experience has been completed our team will provide a guided tasting of our special sake selections served with tasty light refreshments.

Brewery Experience Details:

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  1. 【Date】Please check our reservation site for further details on available scheduled tour dates. Reservations. (Tours are generally available every Saturday unless otherwise denoted. Please note guided brewery experiences are not available during the month of December.)
  2.  【Time】14:00~15:15( Guest reception available from 13:30~)
  3. 【Location】Izumibashi Sake brewery Co Ltd.   Shimomi Izumi 5-5-1 Ebina City Kanagawa Prefecture.
  4. 【Guest】 Up to 24 guest spaces are available
  5. 【Cost】 Guided Brewery / Tasting Experience Fee 1500円(tax included )
  6. 【Basic Experience Plan】Brewery facility tour, general sake lecture and presentation on various sake brewing topics, followed by a guided sake tasting with light refreshments.
  • Single and group guest visits are welcome when space is available.
  • Confirming your reservation: A reservation confirmation e-mail is sent when applying for the tour and tasting experience. When a confirmation e-mail has not been received in response to your request, please check your spam mailbox. If a confirmation e-mail is not found or a reservation has been misplaced please do not hesitate to contact us regarding your reservation confirmation.

◇In order for our guests to have the best experience possible, we ask that guests please observe and respect the following conditions and request regarding the brewery tour tasting experience:

  • Kindly refrain from handling any equipment found within the brewery unless instructed to do so by your experience guide.
  • For safety regulation reasons children are not allowed to visit inside our brewery during these brewery visit / tasting experience tours. Adults from the age of 20 years old are welcome to attend.
  • Do not handle or eat Japanese Natto ( fermented soy beans ) dishes up to two days prior to your visit. Enzymes present in Natto can negatively impact the fermentation process of sake. We thank you for your cooperation and understanding.
  • Guests will be asked to cleanse their hands very well with an alcohol-sterilizing agent before entering the brewery. Please let us know beforehand if you may have concerns.
  • In order for us to allow guests to get close to the fermentation batches so they may experience unique aromas guests will be asked to wear a head cover ( hair net ) to prevent possible contamination.
  • At times, guests may be required to wear a protective facility coat ( lab jacket ) depending on the season.
  • Please wear shoes that are comfortable and easy to remove on the day of the tour. Guests will need to remove their shoes when entering the main brewing facility. We will provide comfortable open toe slippers to wear, please wear socks during the visit.
  • Please do not wear clothing that is too loose or baggy as it may catch / snag on brewing equipment.
  • Please do not wear heavy ( overly fragrant ) deodorants, colognes or perfumes as it will impact the subtle and special aromas found within Sake during your tasting experience.
  • Please do not carry luggage, large bags or unnecessary items during the experience. Guests may leave bags in a designated location during the tour. We will make an earnest effort to maintain a watch over the items, but we are not responsible for accidental loss or theft. Cloak services or lockers are not available.
  • Guest use of cameras and / or smartphones will be permitted during the brewery experience unless otherwise denoted. We are not responsible for damaged items as a result of usage within the brewery. Please do not hold cameras directly over sake fermentation or storage tanks to prevent accidents. Should an accident occur, neither the dropped device nor the tank of sake will be recoverable. Damages and recovery charges may be applicable for irresponsible or careless actions of guests. Please abide by any usage warnings prior to and during the tour.

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◇ The Izumibashi team would like thank you for your cooperation and we look forward to all guest visits. We will make every effort to ensure guests enjoy their visit experience to our brewery.

◇For our guest that will enjoy a visit to our restaurant, Izumibashi KuramotoKakou, on the day of the tasting tour we will provide you with a discount service coupon for 1,000 yen off your sake pairing course selection.

Please be sure to let us know if you have a restaurant dinner plan for the same day to take advantage of this same day limited special offer.

※Visit our Restaurant online

 【Reservations and Inquiries 】

  • Advanced reservations for scheduled tour experiences are required 5 days prior to date of event.
  • Guest cancellations are accepted up to 2 days prior to the event date. Cancellations within 2 days ( 48 hours ) prior to the event date will not be refunded.
  • When making a Izumibashi Brewery Experience reservation please provide the following required information; contact name ( person in charge ), contact number, desired tour date, and number of guests to attend the tour.
  • Please reserve online ( Reservations ), call Phone:046-231-1338 or email us : yotei@izumibashi.com ( Reservations taken during normal business hours of operation: Monday – Saturday 10:00 – 18:00)